Text Message Your Clients Directly

TextLink is a text messaging service that is fully integrated within A-OneTax Technology. Using TextLink or TextLink Plus, high-volume tax offices are able to send a text message to their clients' cell phones directly from A-OneTax. And now with TextLink Plus, customers can receive message replies within the software without any limitations on message quantity or frequency.

Efficiently Communicate With Your Clients

Text message one or many clients with just a single click

Save time and money by eliminating the need for staff dedicated to contacting clients

Perfect for “Check Ready” notifications

A Flexible Communication Tool

Simplify the notification process

Customize messages

Market to your clients

About TextLink, TextLink Plus and Text Messaging

TextLink and TextLink Plus both utilize Short Messaging Services (SMS), more commonly known as “text messaging”. With TextLink and TextLink Plus, are able to market to and communicate with their taxpayer clients more efficiently than ever before.

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