Protection Plus

Advantages to the Tax Professional

Make extra profit on your current customer base by offering low cost audit protection

Protection Plus will deal with the client and the IRS Protection Plus will deal with the client and the IRS

Provides payment of interest and penalties if your office makes a mistake on your client's tax return (Subject to terms of the contract)

Protection Plus provides marketing materials for you to give to your client

Protection Plus has a professional staff to handle issues at all levels

Add Value to Your Return

Protection Plus is a professional company ready to assist your clients in the event of an IRS audit, relieving ERO’s of this burden

Assists the taxpayer, even if the return is unfunded

Provides client protection for three years

Pays up to $2500 in penalty, interest, and tax liability on any justifiable mistakes made on the client’s tax return

Protection Plus offers year-round bi-lingual support

Increase Revenue

Replace lost revenue

Offices can add a fee to the cost of Protection Plus


Covers denied credits even if the return has not been funded

  • EITC
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Additional Child Tax Credit
  • American Opportunity Credit
  • First Time Homebuyers Credit
  • W-7 rejects

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